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West Coast Wedding Awards 2019 Winners


This week we were happy to host the West Coast Weddings Awards in our studio at Primp & Proper. If you’re unfamiliar with the #WCWAWARDS all you need to know is that the best of the wedding photographers along the west coast of Canada and the US were here in our studio. Photographers from Washington, California, Oregon, British Columbia and even Alaska are nominated as best in the industry based on techniques like composition, creativity, lighting, aesthetics and editing.


We would like to personally congratulate the following winners:

Group Photo: Ronnie Lee Hill Photography

Wedding Couple: Amber Hughes Photography 

Photojournalism: Justine Boulin

Detail Photo: Urban Fig Photography

Furry Friends: Sara Rogers Photography 

Engagement: Joelsview Photography

Kat Creative ArtistryNew Business: Kat Creative Artistry


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