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Primp and Proper Christmas Gifts Ideas


Christmas is on its way and the mail is slower than ever. Gift shopping this year is going to have to be planned in advance or sourced locally. Plus, with the COVID-19 pandemic crushing so many businesses, shopping local is appreciated and needed more now than ever. At Primp & Proper, our usual retail collection […]

Gastown Salon Reopening Event

Gastown salon reopening event

2020 has transformed many businesses. For business owners Faye Smith and Joanna Keller, 2020 has bought their businesses together. Check out their recent Gastown salon reopening event!   Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns  This amazing masks on and very Covid conscious Gastown salon reopening event was planned by BC event planner, Beyond The Vows Events. […]


     We’re not quite ready to give up our beach days yet. However, as beauty enthusiasts we are welcome Fall 2020 beauty trends with open arms! The Faye Smith Agency team has studied beauty trends across the world on runways, social media and red carpets. 2020 has been an odd year for us all […]

5 Beauty Secrets that Cost $0

     During COVID it’s been hard for many to keep up with their extremely expensive beauty routine. recently released a study noting that the average woman spends $3756.00 a year on beauty products (thats $225,360 in your life!!). But to be perfectly honest, if you work in the beauty industry and are surrounded […]