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Beauty Blender Applicator Cleaner


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You are going to need the Beauty Blender Applicator Cleaner if you have a Beauty Blender. You cannot clean your blender properly without this cleaner!

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You are going to need the Beauty Blender Applicator Cleaner if you have a Beauty Blender. You cannot clean your applicator blender properly without this cleaner!

The Beauty Blender Makeup Applicator is the best foundation applicator around! Get flawless foundation with the Beauty Blender Makeup Applicator. Wet your sponge and watch it double in size! This innovative makeup sponge will not absorb your product! It will gently dab and blend it right onto your skin. Get the base right. No one should say “oh, your foundation looks good.” Instead, people should be saying, “Wow, your skin looks incredible.” This is a one-of-a-kind makeup sponge. Once you try it, you will never want to be without it. Trust us!

Founder Rea Ann Silva’s experience spans a 20-year journey as one of the most sought-after Hollywood makeup artists in the industry. As the creative force behind beautyblender, she single-handedly changed the beauty game. The one-of-a-kind edgeless makeup sponge ensured her clients looked impeccable on camera in high-definition. The category-creator quickly won countless beauty awards and is now beloved by both makeup aficionados and newbies as the go-to tool for achieving a perfectly blended complexion. Today, beautyblender continues to drive innovation with products that require minimal effort yet offer maximum results. Get your Beauty Blender Applicator cleaner now.

“Foundation is like the spanx of makeup, it supports everything but you don’t want everyone to know you have it on.

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 32 × 24.5 × 1.5 cm

1 review for Beauty Blender Applicator Cleaner

  1. Jane Fisher

    Beauty blenders are really hard to clean and the beauty blender soap is your best bet of getting it clean and sanitized again. This soap is amazing! I don’t know what is in it that makes it so different to other soaps but this one works!

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