Easy Eyebrow Makeup Tutorial

easy eyebrow makeup tutorial

As we all know by now, the eyebrows frame the face. When it comes to eyebrow makeup design is most certainly personal preference and, as a professional makeup artist, I encourage individually in each person’s style. The easy eyebrow makeup tutorial I have created in this blog is great for anyone who wants to wear a more natural eyebrow look. The general rule of thumb with eyebrow makeup is that they do not overpower the eyes. In most makeup designs the eyebrows should compliment the eyes and allow them to shine as the main focus on the face. Here is my easy eyebrow makeup tutorial which uses only two products.

Easy Eyebrow Makeup Tutorial using only 2 products

  1. Spray brow soap activator into the brow soap bar.
  2. Rub the mascara wand into the soap to create a foam.
  3. Apply the foam to the eyebrow hairs, applying against the grain of the natural hair growth.
  4. Allow to dry for 1 minute…
  5. Brush the brow hairs up and then slide the wand along the top of the brows to shape as you desire.
  6. Use brow pencil to draw a horizontal line on the inner brows along the bottom.
  7. Use the pencil to draw hairs in the direction of the hair growth i.e brush up (vertical) in the middle and gradually brushing across with an angle (diagonal and then horizontal.)
  8. Brush the product through the hairs.
  9. Brush up and across one more time to create your final shape.

best brow soap

best eyebrow pencil

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Check out the video tutorial on our Instagram page – @primpandpropervancouver

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Push It Up Brows Soap and Activator

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