Home VS Salon lash lift

at-home vs in-salon lash lift

It is time to talk about the pros and cons of attempting a lash lift on yourself at home. Here is my run down of the Home VS Salon lash lift.

Lets compare the Home VS Salon lash lifting process.With the launch of at-home lash lift kits which are now easily and inexpensively available to order through popular websites such as Amazon, as a professional lash lifter I feel it is important to warn consumers about the things that can go wrong when attempting an at-home lash lift kit.

Hi! My name is Faye. I have been a professional lash lifter since 2015. I have taken two training courses with Yumi and one with Elleebana and these are the two lash lift brands I offer with our lash lift services at my Gastown Vancouver salon, Primp & Proper. While the process of a lash lift is somewhat simple there are definitely many things that can go wrong. Being formally trained enables me to know what to look out for when it comes to allergic reactions, and how to avoid over processing and damaging the lashes.

Of course I am bias because I want to keep my lash lift clients coming to me but I am also genuinely concerned about people doing their own lash lift at home. Without formal training so much can go wrong. Here is what to look out for when using an at-home lash lift kit, and my warnings about the things that can go wrong.

  1. Alergic reactions
    The lash lift kit instructs you to do a patch test before starting your at home lash lift and I really do hope anyone who uses these at-home kits does in fact do the suggested patch test. An allergic reaction on the eye is nasty! Usually if a reaction occurs it is something that is noticed either by the professional or the client during the lash lift. A burning or stinging sensation is not normal so if you feel this during your at home lash lift then remove it immediately and get a cold compress on the eye.
  2. Processing time
    Since you can only treat one eye at a time the process of lifting your lashes at home will take twice as long as in a salon. This is not a thing that can go wrong but just something to note.
  3. Evenness
    One thing that is challenging even as an experienced professional is to ensure that all of the lash are evenly spaced, untangled and perfectly formed before applying any of the lash lift solutions. I have not tried an at home lash lift kit (and I don’t intend on it) but I can only image how challenging this will be with one eye closed and looking into a reflection in a mirror.
  4. Incorrect Product Placement & Over Processing
    The lash lift solutions are extremely strong and can easily singe the ends of the lashes. Either incorrect product placement or over processing will cause the end of your lashes to singe giving the appearance of “wiggly” dry lashes. This is not a good look and is something to be really careful with.

So, if you are braver than me and are going to try an at-home lash lift kit then here is one I found on Amazon that gets great reviews and went viral on Tiktok. For everyone else, please do visit your local lash lift salon and get the treatment done professionally. For Vancouverites or anyone visiting Vancouver check out my salon, Primp & Proper, who employs technicians with 9 year of lash lifting experience and can ensure your lift will be flawless.

at-home vs in-salon lash lift

Yours Truly,