Why Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics


As you browse through our shop I am sure you will ask yourself, “Why Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics?” Of all of the makeup lines in the world why does Primp & Proper choose to retail this makeup line? There are many reasons why. Read on to find out.



The Founder of Primp & Proper, Faye Smith, first discovered Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics when she worked at Absolute Spa back in 2009. She was a makeup artist at this spa and their line of choice was Youngblood. This is where she got educated on the line both in the salon and at official seminars.


youngblood mineral cosmetics


Of course there are always perks to the job and Faye’s staff discount meant that at the young age of 20 she was able to afford a luxury makeup line and could ditch the drug store brands.

Within a month my skin had completely cleared up. I had been struggling with acne for years. I would always try to cover up my blemishes by applying lots of liquid foundation and it always made my skin even more red, congested and angry. Youngblood’s loose mineral foundation literally changed my skin,” preaches Faye.

Youngblood mineral products are formulated from natural, pure, and ethically sourced ingredients.Youngblood has set the highest industry standard of performance and quality by eliminating the use of any potentially skin irritating materials and developed a product line suitable for ALL skin types, even those with the highest skin sensitivity, while targeting pigmentation, longevity, wearability, and versatility. Youngblood’s award-winning products have been vetted and endorsed by leading plastic surgeons, dermatologists, medical estheticians, and celebrity makeup artists, while maintaining a cult-like consumer following of beauty loyalists from across the globe.

Any mineral line I had ever tried before didn’t provide enough coverage to cover up my acne. Youngblood is different! Their loose mineral foundation is my favourite product. This is a sheer to full coverage, buildable, mineral powder foundation that when paired with their concealer can literally cover up anything. It is quick and easy to apply and I love it! Switching over to this foundation allowed me to cover up my embarrassing acne and it allowed the blemishes to breath, heal, and after a month go away entirely. I have tried other foundations but I always go back to my good friend Youngblood,” says Faye.


This award winning makeup line consists of high-quality products that deliver a lightweight, breathable feel with an effortless glow, while promoting a healthy complexion with formulas that mimic second skin and are safe and beneficial. Youngblood has created solutions to common skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and acne and help people find products that will change their complexion for the better.

The product line is complete and Youngblood are always staying on top of product trends. If there is a new makeup trend out there they have a new product to create it with. I use this line in my professional kit and on myself. These are the reasons why I chose to retail Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics at my salon, Primp & Proper,” Faye concludes.