Brow Trends of 2024

brow trends 2024

Brows have been trending for years now. There are bushy brows, boy brows and soap brows. Don’t forget 90’s skinny brows! Arched brows and rounded brows. Micro-bladed and shaded brows. Powder brows. There are so many brow styles and treatments to choose from these days! So what are the brow trends of 2024? Read more for a glimpse into the future of eyebrow artistry.

The world of beauty and aesthetics is constantly evolving. We are so excited for what is in store for brow trends in 2024. Brows really do frame the face and every face is different. There is no “one-brow-fits-all” but there are certainly a number of brow trends and treatments leading the way in the beauty industry each passing year.

Here is what is in store for your brows in 2024.

1. Brow Lamination / Lift

The boy brow and soap brow have been in fashion for a few years now with one of our most booked brow services being brow lamination, a treatment that semi-permanently softens the brow hairs and reshapes them into a perfect fluffy brow style. This non-invasive procedure offers a smooth and symmetrical yet rugged look, capturing the essence of imperfectly perfect eyebrows. Pair brow lamination with a brow tint and shaping for best results. With pricing in Vancouver ranging from $80-120 and the treatment lasting for 6-8 weeks this is an affordable investment with reasonable maintenance for perfect brows.

brow trends 2024

For anyone not ready to commit to this semi-permanent fluffy brow treatment we recommend using a brow soap to see whether you like this brow trend first. Spray the activator onto the soap, rub the disposable mascara wand into the soap and form a foam. Brush the foam against the grain of the eyebrow hairs to apply the soap. Allow the soap to dry for one minute before brushing the hair in the direction of growth, brushing up in the centre and gradually across toward the outer edges. Flatten to brow hairs into shape by using the other end of the mascara wand. This will give the illusion of brow lamination but will wash off at the end of the day.

brow soap vancouver

2. Ombré Brows

With the launch of eyebrow tattoos powder brows was born. Powder brows is a form of eyebrow tattoo that creates the ombre brow look. This eyebrow tattoo gives the appearance of perfectly filled in eyebrows, with the centre being lighter than the outer edges. This is a very flattering brow style that allows for bigger and fuller brows that don’t consume the face. You can expect your powder brows eyebrow tattoo to last 1-3 years before you need a touch-up. With pricing in Vancouver ranging from $350-2000 this is an investment that will save you from filling in your eyebrows every day. Most technicians will offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your desired brow style and colour.

Vancouver Powder Brows

Henna Brows is a wonderful semi-permanent option for ombre brows. This treatment tints both the skin and hair, lasting on the skin for 4-6 weeks and on the hairs for 6-8 weeks. With pricing in Vancouver ranging from $40-80 this is a super affordable and fairly low maintenance brow treatment that will achieve the ombre brow look. We recommend adding brow grooming for best results. This is definitely a Brow Trends of 2024.

vancouver brow bar

3. Natural and Bushy Brows

Going completely au natural is all the trend right now. We recommend booking in for bushy brow shaping to remove hairs from the centre and the top of the brows. Remember to ask your brow technician to leave the brow hairs under the brow either extremely lightly groomed or completely untouched. Brow shaping in Vancouver generally costs anywhere from $10-50 and regrowth time really depends on the individual. This make be a weekly or a monthly appointment for you.

Brow Trends of 2024

5. Colorful and Color-less Brows

Understanding identity has become a huge part of our day to day lives. With this comes new and unique ways of self expression and individuality. In 2024 we will continue to see the rise of colorful and colorless eyebrows, echoing the spirit of self-expression and creativity. From pastel hues to bold and vibrant colors, eyebrows become a canvas for artistic expression. Bleached brows are included in this trend. The “no-brow-brow” offers a bold contrast accentuating other facial features. Self expression once was all about tattoos, piercings, wacky wardrobes and colourful hair. In 2024 eyebrows are a new way of expressing oneself through beauty and fashion.

vancouver brows


The eyebrow trends of 2024 are a testament to the evolving narrative of beauty. They are characterized by a harmonious blend of natural authenticity and artistic innovation. Eyebrows are a form of beauty and self expression.

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