Faye is Coming Back to Work

faye maternity photo

Yes she has only had a few weeks of maternity leave but that is the life of a busy business woman. Faye is coming back to work with a very limited part-time schedule.

Cover photo by Kim Forrester Photography

It was not long ago at all when we posted about Faye going on maternity leave on our blog, August 28. On September 2, 2022, Faye and her husband Brandon Hart welcomed their baby girl, Lockelee into the world. And just like the Faye has entered the new world of mama’preneurship, putting a pause on tending to her business to take her of her baby girl.

As many other female entrepreneurs know, balancing motherhood with running a business is a juggle. See her Instagram post below.

return date

Today is Faye’s official return date back to work. Welcome back Faye!

Faye will be easing back to work with a very limited part-time schedule. She will be taking on hair and makeup clients by request, as well as offering two days a week to book lash and brow services at Primp & Proper on Fridays and Saturdays (*some weeks may vary so please book ahead).
Click below to grab your spot with Faye to book lashes, brows, makeup and hair at Primp & Proper! Or call the shop at 778-788-3552 to coordinate with our team.

We send our love to all the mommas out there navigating work and motherhood. It’s as beautiful journey and looks different for everyone. We are all out here doing our best!

And thank you to the team at Primp & Proper and Faye Smith Agency for running the show while Faye was away on maternity leave, and Faye’s clients for their loyalty and patience while Faye took a few weeks off to take care of the little one.